September 9/8

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Students coming in-person should be coming with their supplies. It is important that they at least have everything under “student supplies” on the list (especially scholastic magazine). I also suggest that each student comes with 2 water bottles every day to limit the amount of times they are using the water fountains.


Students staying online: while you are online students will only need paper and pencils available as well as the money for Scholastic Magazine which we have already started using online. You can get this to me by cash, check or venmo by dropping it off in the front office.


***If you are looking for ways to help out our classroom with supplies child size masks would be so helpful! I would love to have some of these on hand in case someone’s mask breaks or gets lost or dirty.


Weekly interactive notebooks are continuing this week. Please make sure that your student follows the schedule closely. They must come to their morning meeting, math group, and reading group every day. The groups are especially important because those are lessons that are not always posted and a time for them to get help with their work now that office hours have gone down.


Office hours are from 2:30-3:00pm every day. Please make sure that if your student has a question that we did not get to in one of their small group times that they come to this meeting time. I want to make sure our home based learning experience is successful and I am here to help.